Synergy WorldWide Welcomes Espen J. Frydenberg

It is with great pleasure that we can finally welcome Espen J. Frydenberg to Synergy WorldWide as our new Nordic Sales Director.

Espen Frydenberg is the first Sales Director located in Norway throughout Synergy's 21-year long history dedicated specifically to the Nordic region. He will work to support our Nordic Team Members and the market's best interests. The Nordic region is growing and holds exciting new opportunities, and Espen will be a key person and partner for continued and further success.

Espen has a broad and varied sales background that spans 19 years, of which 12 years have been within sales and distributor support within network marketing. He comes to us with his experience as a sales manager, supervisor, and international lecturer. With a combination of ambitious, goal-oriented and skilled focus, he will be a perfect partner for our skilled team members in the Nordic region.

In a comment, Espen says: "I am incredibly happy and grateful to be allowed to join Synergy WorldWide. After being away from the industry for a year, I already notice how much I have missed this fantastic industry. An industry that I believe to be the fairest business there is, and where everyone, regardless of background, has an equal opportunity to succeed. The way I have been received so far has been fantastic and as I become more and more familiar with the compensation plan, the company and our Team Members, I feel that I have finally "come home".

We are proud to have Espen on the team of our Nordic Team Members and we look forward to seeing how he in collaboration with them will further growth in this important European market.



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