Mentor Marathon Promotion

Grow your team and bonus – earning cash prizes! It is easy and simple, you build your team, and we reward you. 

· Personally sponsor and mentor new Team Members. Any new Team Member enrolling from 17.09.2022 – 31.12.2022 with an activation order will have NO STARTUP FEE and receive FREE SHIPPING. 

· Receive monthly prizes. For every 3 new Team Members you have enrolled and mentored in a month, you receive a gadget and/or merch. 

· Earn cash bonuses. Throughout the promo period as you grow and mentor your team, you will grow your cash bonus. Earn up to 1200 euro. Every Team Member counts!


Monthly prizes: for every 3 new Team Members you have enrolled and mentored, you will receive gadget(s) and/or merchandise. 

Prizes at the end of December 2022 for total achievements in period: 
5+ Personally Sponsored Team Members: 200 euro 
10+ Personally Sponsored Team Members: 500 euro 
20+ Personally Sponsored Team Members: 1200 euro 

Terms and Conditions
· Remember, you will need to be active on Subscribe & Save with an order and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each of the qualification months to qualify for any Synergy promotions.
· This promotion is a limited-time promotional program designed to encourage growth and good practices in Europe for Team Members.
· All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed outside the outlined prize list.
· The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.



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