Team Level Bonus Earners

Many of our European Team Members have taken important, commendable steps in building their Synergy businesses by achieving the esteemed Team level ranks. As a Team Member reaches Team Leader, Manager, Director, or Team Elite in their business, they are bridging the crucial gap between casual distributorship and serious entrepreneurship. We wish these rising leaders all the best, and are happy to reward them with extra cash bonuses earned through this promotion.

Please help us congratulate these men and women for their achievement:

Team Director (4000€)

Rudolf Zinke (Austria)
Emeka And Prisca Okakpu (Ireland)

Team Manager (2000€)

Rudolf Zinke (Austria)
Doris Zinke (Austria)
Arpad Kovacs (Austria)
Julian Philipp Zettl (Germany)
Kenneth Mgbams (Ireland)
Giovanni Scalet (Italy)
Savina De March (Italy)

Team Leader (1000€)

Gregor Loh (Austria)
Peter Geier (Austria)
Andreas Bauernhofer (Austria)
Gernot Krammer (Austria)
Andrea Saubach (Austria)
Regina Krammer (Austria)
Kirsi Laitinen (Finland)
Christa Gartner (Germany)
Svenja Niederberger (Germany)
Christiana Jessica Ngozi Nnadi (Ireland)
Victor Amadi (Ireland)
John Chidi Ezema (Ireland)
Adedayo & Pamela Lamikanra (Ireland)
Paul Assoua Ekangwo (Ireland)
Princess Edith Ngozi Ugwuanyi (Ireland)
Matteo Ciabattoni (Italy)
Michela Passantino (Italy)
Lavinia Mott (Italy)
Gloria Cinetto (Italy)
Wim Wolffers (Netherlands)
Uche & Lorita Agwo (U.K.)
Catherine Wilton (U.K.)
Angie Watson (U.K.)

Your business is now at a whole new level, and we applaud you for the hard work that got you here. With this solid foundation, you can continue to achieve higher ranks, build a prosperous business, and share Elite Health throughout the world.


You are invited to celebrate with Synergy next year in Bodrum, Turkey. Make sure to view the updated qualifications designed to help you reach new levels of success. Learn more about qualifying for Leadership Retreat, here.

And don’t forget: Earn extra cash for advancing to Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There’s no better time to start than now! For more information about this new bonus, click here.



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