Promoción Customer Care Bonus 2021

New year means new opportunities! Based on the immensely successful Customer Care Promotion launched in 2020 we have seen Team Member reach higher and grow their business one tier at a time. We are excited to present you with the 2021 edition of the Customer Care Promotion:

Customers are an integral part of our Synergy community! In 2021, Synergy is giving an extra reward to all Team Members working to build and support customer relationships across Europe.

Every month this year, Synergy will add up all the European CV placed directly on your personal Tracking Centers. This includes personal orders, Preferred Customer orders, and may also include orders placed on your Tracking Centers by your upline. We’re calling this your “Customer Care Bonus Volume” or CCBV for short.

At the end of each quarter, your bonus will be based on which tier you maintained throughout the quarter. This bonus will be paid out with the following month’s commissions.

Gear up and start your climb and you can earn up to a 500€ bonus at the end of the first quarter!

Bonus Tier
Customer volume per month
Bonus amount
Tier 1
1000 – 1999 CCBV
Tier 2
2000 – 2999 CCBV
Tier 3
3000 – 4999 CCBV
Tier 4
5000+ CCBV

This Customer Care Bonus can be earned up to four times during the year, so get ready to make some extra cash!

If in January you accumulate 1250 CCBV Customer Care Bonus Volume (Tier 1), but in February you reach 2100 (Tier 2) and 3000 in March (Tier 3), you will earn a 100€ bonus (Tier 1) in the first quarter. However, you are already on your way to begin earning a bigger bonus with the next quarter.

Terms and Conditions: 
• Please remember that, as always, only a Synergy Europe Team Member who is maintaining at least 200 European CV in personal TC1 volume and actively participating in Autoship is qualified to participate in the Customer Care Bonus promotional program.
• The Customer Care Bonus program is a limited-time promotion designed to encourage positive relationships between Europe-based customers and Synergy Team Member distributors within European markets.
• All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received.
• CV from returned or rejected orders will be deducted from the calculation.



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