New Advisory Board members

It is with great pleasure that we announce those who have been chosen to represent the European Team Member force in the vital role of Synergy Europe Advisory Board member for 2022.
The following are the new 2022 Advisory Board Members: 

Kim and Simon Bradley
Jon Burgess
Sue Thomas
Susanne Kupske
Robert Suppan
Mads & Susanna Ostvang
Martin Ostvang
Eric & Kati Gammals
Bostjan Pilej & Irena Kladivar
Luigino Iobbi
Diego Bragato

Their example of leadership, integrity, service, and support are all key reasons for selection in this role.
These Team Members represent their own experience, as well as the opinions of the other Team Members throughout Europe.
This is not only a great honor, but truly a great responsibility. We expect them to lead by example, as they continue to actively recruit new customers and team members to build their businesses, as well as communicate developments and news with the wider Synergy community.
Together, we will strive to REIMAGINE Synergy Europe, and leave a lasting legacy of health and wealth for 2022 and beyond.



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