Get ready to GROW your business! The title plus promotion is back again to fuel your growth and elevate your SUCCESS. 

Reach and maintain new titles in 2024 and you are on track to grow your business and commission check month over month. Title Plus is a lucrative, simple, and fun promotion to engage yourself and your downline Team Members – both new and current. 

These bonuses add significant earning potential. Those who are dedicated to rising in the ranks will not only enjoy extra cash from the Title Plus promo, but also all the other commissions, mega-match bonuses and other earnings that come naturally along with a growing business. New title achievements are a major achievement and a symbol of your Synergy WorldWide success. Are you ready to seize the opportunity? 


January 2024 – December 2024 


You will need to be active on “Subscribe & Save” and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each month of 2024 to qualify.


1. Rank advance and achieve a personal new highest title = Earn cash 

2. Grow or maintain your new title in the consecutive two months = Get extra cash  

Maximize your earnings! You can earn each title bonus THREE consecutive months. Team Members who achieve more than one title in any given month will receive the sum of the monthly amount earned for each new title achieved. 

With the Title Plus promotion, we aim to help Team Members feel as appreciated and valued as they truly are. We look forward to giving big rewards to growth at every level through the Title Plus Promotion! 

Example 1:  

Lisa is a Synergy Team Member and has an active Subscribe and Save Subscription. 

Her subscription order with products has more than 200 CV, which also qualifies her to get free shipping on that order. Lisa is excited about the Title Plus promotion and is eager to participate.  

  • Month 1: Lisa achieves Star Title for the first time -> Earns a 70 Euro bonus.
  • Month 2: he maintains the Star Title -> Earns a 80 Euro bonus.  
  • Month 3: She maintains the title of Star a third month -> earns her third Title Plus bonus of 100 Euro for reaching and maintaining the Star title. 

How can Lisa continue with the Title Plus? By growing and achieving new Titles beyond star, she can earn additional bonuses. 

Example 2: 

  • Month 1:  Martina reaches the new title of Silver for the first time and qualifies herself with her 200CV Subscribe and Save order -> A 200 Euro bonus is earned 
  • Month 2: She does not have her subscribe and save order nor qualifies as Silver Title -> No bonus.
  • Month 3: She has a Subscribe and Save order of 200 CV and reaches title level of Silver -> No bonus as it was not maintained in month 2. 

Martina can start earning Title Plus Bonus once she reaches a new title for the first time (in her case: Gold).  

Example 3:  

James enrolls as a new Team Member in January 2024 and sets his subscribe and save order to 300 CV each month. 

  • Month 1:  James achieves Star title for the first time -> Earns a 70 euro bonus.
  • Month 2: He achieves Bronze title for the first time -> Maintaining star (80 euro bonus) and reaching Bronze (100 euro).
  • Month 3: He maintains Star again -> Earns a 100 euro bonus.  

James can continue earning with the Title Plus Bonuses by achieving his next new rank of Silver.  

Terms & Conditions for Title Plus 2024  

- Remember, you will need to be active on “Subscribe & Save” and maintain 200 CV in TC1 volume in each of the qualification months to qualify for any Synergy promotions. 

- Title Plus is a limited-time promotional program designed to encourage growth and good practices in Europe.  

- All aspects of this bonus/promotional program are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash value. The recipient must be in good standing with Synergy WorldWide at time of bonus received. 

- This promotion ends December 31st, 2024. 



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