Boost Your Chances for the Seville Incentive Trip!


April is finally here, and it's time to kickstart another month filled with growth, success and exciting opportunities. We're beyond thrilled to unveil an ELECTRIFYING Incentive Trip booster action that will get you closer than ever to earning the 10k points needed to secure your spot.

We recognize and deeply appreciate the dedication and hard work you've shown so far this year. As a token of our gratitude, THIS MONTH we're offering you this chance to SUPERCHARGE your path to Seville this September!

Currently, bringing in a new Team Member earns you 450 points. However, we're shaking things up with the following changes:

From April 5th to April 14th: Earn an impressive 650 points total (200 extra points) for each new Team Member you bring onboard!

From April 15th to April 24th: Delight in 550 points total (100 extra points) for every new Team Member you recruit.

From April 25th onwards: We'll return to the standard 450 points.

In order to enjoy these extra points, all new Team Members must enroll and place their Activation Order in April and activate their Subscribe and Save with minimum of 120 CV in their second month (in May) to qualify.

For example, after enrolling with their Activation Order in April, new Team Members will generate these extra points upon activating their Subscribe and Save order with a minimum of 120 CV in May.


  • Extra points earned through new Team Member enrollments will be added to the standard 450 points received for recruitment once their Subscribe and Save is placed and confirmed in May.
  • Ensure the New Team Member’s Subscribe and Save order includes at least 120 CV to qualify for the promotion.

But wait, that's not all! In addition to these thrilling changes, THIS MONTH ONLY we're boosting the maximum personal TC1 volume (CV) points you can earn from 1,000 to 2,000. This presents a golden opportunity to elevate your business to new heights and seize your spot in the Seville Trip!


  • The 2,000 maximum points earned through CVs will be exclusively from orders placed and paid in April (CV referring to April).
  • Remember, to be eligible for the promotion, a minimum of 200 CVs on your TC1 is required.

Check out the Incentive Trip Leaderboard that is updated weekly, where you’ll also find all the ways you can earn points and qualify. Can you make it to the top 15?

Don't let this chance slip away. Take charge, expand your Synergy team, and embark on the journey towards securing your spot in the unforgettable Incentive Trip this September.



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