Kit Purify y Guía Mejorados

Synergy WorldWide has enhanced the Purify Kit and the Purify Program Guide. These enhancements allow Team Members and customers to better adapt the Purify Kit to their individual needs.

After careful research and study, the Synergy Medical and Scientific Advisory Board and the staff at the Hughes Center approved of a 21-day Purify program. Although a full seven days of the Purify program is still recommended, this new extended program option offers all of the same purification benefits.

What’s new?

1. EXTENDABLE PROGRAM: As we stated above, the Purify program can now be extended to 21 days. The new program guide, now available exclusively online, provides convenient guidelines on how to lengthen the program beyond the original seven days, should you or a customer decide to extend it.

2. MORE BIOME ACTIVES: Each Purify Kit now comes with 60 servings of Biome Actives, as opposed to only 30 servings, at no additional cost.

3. QR CODE: With the Purify Guide now found online, a convenient QR code will be found in each kit. Scan the code with your cell phone and you’ll be taken directly to the information you need for a successful Purify experience. Additionally, you can access the digital Purify Guide by clicking here.

For customers and new Team Members who have their sights set on ultimate microbiome health, the Purify Kit is the perfect activation kit. But don’t stop there! Once you’ve activated with the Purify Kit, add the brand new Biome Core Kit to your monthly autoship template. These kits work over time to help you achieve Elite Health through a healthy microbiome.

The Purify program can change lives and jumpstart the microbiome for Elite Health. Put it to the test, and see for yourself. Now is the perfect time.



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