El Go Elite 10 se ganó en Eslovenia y en Noruega

Two more Team Members will receive a €1200 bonus with their monthly commissions! Bostjan and Irena Pilej (Team EBALI), Team Directors from Slovenia, and Reidun Lydersen Dalheim, a Pearl Executive from Norway,  are the first in their regions to achieve this tremendous goal.

To qualify for Go Elite 10, you must sponsor 10 Elite Honors qualifiers. Reidun surpassed this goal by sponsoring 11! Team EBALI and Reidun proved their teams’ strength through this achievement. Not only are they bringing in new customer and distributor volume, they are supporting their team to do the same. This duplication is the ticket to success with Synergy WorldWide, and through Elite Honors, the pathway to success is clear. Congratulations Team EBALI and Reidun on your great success!


Bostjan and Irena prepared their teams for Elite Honors before the program launched at Summit 2015 by explaining the new earnings model and stressing the importance of building a customer program.  With an educated team  and everything in place, Bostjan and Irena went into November shooting for Go Elite 10. November began with a strategic meeting where Bostjan and Irena mapped out how to achieve their goal and made sure their team was on the same page. They have been the drivers behind Slovenia’s Elite Honors growth from 15 qualifiers in September to 28 qualifiers in November.

“We are constantly telling our Team Members about Elite Honors and that’s the right way to build a stable business,” Irena said. “The Go Elite promotion is just the cherry on the cake. You have to make the monthly Elite Honors requirements habits. The habitual behaviors will lead you to success.”

Earning a Go Elite promotion requires offering daily support, which is why Bostjan and Irena spent many days traveling to a number of Slovenian cities. To Bostjan, support means reminding a Team Member of their dreams, helping them create impactful Synergy presentations, and scheduling individualized trainings with those who need a little extra help. Ultimately, Team EBALI’s great leadership and support made their Go Elite 10 achievement possible.

Reidun Lydersen Dalheim

When Reidun verbally committed to be the first Team Member in Norway to sponsor 10 Elite Honors qualifiers, there was no turning back.

Reidun has been a competitor her entire life. She loves sports—everything from skiing to car racing—and though she doesn’t brave the slopes or streets anymore, she still finds a way to let her competitive side shine. Synergy drives her to be competitive with herself, to push her limits. Luckily, roadtrips are one of Reidun’s favorite things, making it no problem for her to drive all over northern Norway to support distributors and share Synergy’s opportunities.

“I asked all the people I sponsor if they could do a job for me,” Reidun said. “I wrote up a plan for those who committed and then tracked their progress every day. You have to talk to a lot of people often to make your goals happen.”

In order to achieve Go Elite 10, Reidun said you must work with your heart and make others’ successes more important than your own. Reidun loves Synergy WorldWide and plans to work for the rest of her life. The €1200 she earned through Go Elite will be put toward her Christmas vacation to Thailand to see her son.



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